Naila Joseph, a Trinidadian born singer, did her first recording at the tender age of 3. Being a daughter of a pastor and a music teacher, Naila's earliest musical influences were due to her exposure to gospel and classical music within her household. She recalls her childhood home as being always filled with students coming in and out for lessons, choir rehearsals and band practices. As time progressed her passion for singing intensified, her first solo performances taking place in local churches by the age of nine.

Naila began recording and performing as a back up singer for some well renowned artists in the Caribbean and Europe. She has done collaborations with Nicholas Brancker (A famous Barbadian Producer) and with 3 Canal (Rapso Giants of Trinidad and Tobago) on their Fire Nex Time Album. She has also done collaborations with Machel Montano (The Soca King of Trinidad and Tobago) then went on to work with Rupee (A Caribbean Artist signed to Atlantic Records with the hit song "temted to touch") with whom she toured extensively throughout the US and the Caribbean.

"At the beginning of the project I wondered if i had what it took to really be a solo artist " She says, " It requires not only hard work and the ability to create music but it also means having confidence in yourself." Though she had continuously been writing songs for as long as she could remember this artist had always hesitated to do her own music....till her grandmother reminded her to have faith. Courage to pursue your dreams and not look at the set backs but to always keep your eye on the horizon....on the future.

The album, a mix of all her musical influences is also an expression of her feelings and the experiences of her life. Why would you use life experiences to share your music with the word ? "Why not!" said this fiery lady. "It's a part of who I am . Experiences help shape you in to the person you are and my music is a reflection of all those things. These experiences are not only limited to me, but everyone in every walk of life have experiences to share, stories with a common thread. Many of our daily concerns are the concerns of others too!" Your album takes us through a wide variety of styles and emotions ... "Yes I guess so . As human beings we go through a whole kaleidoscope of feeling, moments when you're happy, you wanna dance forget your worries, you get angry, you get sad, you fall in love, you fall out of love, concerns about the environment your finance your future... these are the things i write about."

"Phew with a laugh and a smile...Don't get me started I have a lot of things to say!"

Naila and french producer Jeoffrey a.k.a. "Whitey" have collaborated and created a unique album which is a fusion of pop urban music with a Caribbean/World influence that will take you on a journey...a journey of life.